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28 Sorting Cards

28 Sorting Cards $37.00

If your seminars have more than 4 people you may want to obtain additional sorting cards*.  Order the additional cards so you can have teams in your recruitment seminar or behavioural interview work on learning their self-culture concurrently.

*only purchased with full product.

Facilitator Card

Facilitator Card $10.00

Need additional facilitator cards for your behavioural interviews or recruitment seminar*.  Ideally every facilitator should have one as a reference so they can moderate without interrupting a group as they play the game.

*only purchased with full product.

Cultural Cats Development Wheel

Cultural Cats Development Wheel $27.00

Need additional Cultural Cats development wheel*.  Ideally every facilitator should have one for the event as a reference and guide.
*only purchased with full product.

Seminar Guide

Seminar Guide $47.00

This guide help you to take behavioural interviews to the next level whilst tracking the process for every recruitment seminar, like who was there and what was the final outcome.

*only purchased with full product.

Recruitment Game

Recruitment Game $497.00

Package contains

28 Sorting Cards

1 Facilitator Card

The Cultural Cats Development Wheel

Recruitment Game Guide for Behavioural Interviews and Recruitment Seminars


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